Greetings, dear visitors!

My name is Max.

I have a university degree (physics, optics and spectroscopy) and the following track record:

1996 – 1997 – 2d design.

1997 – 1999 programming (delphi) – writing and supporting commercial programs.

I started working in the CG industry since 1999. My initial focus was on creating complete animation products. In particular, promotional films, advertising. Then I mastered, in addition to 3dsMax, a video compositing program, After Effect, Premier. But with the increased demand (at that time) for architectural visualization and its economic profitability, I slightly changed my priority towards archvis (but at the same time remained faithful to my main area). On the one hand, I lost valuable time, on the other, I gained experience in lightening and shading, and also raised the skill of modeling and mapping.

Since 2012, I discovered the new rendering engine Corona renderer. Which pushed me to a deeper understanding of the process of lightening and shading. More thoroughly studied various rendering algorithms, more closely examined the physics of light based on existing theories. This allowed me to significantly raise my quality level in lighting settings and material settings.

In 2013, i mastered such tools as zbrush, Mari, which expanded my capabilities in modeling and mapping.

At the beginning of 2014, I plunged into Houdini with my head and very great interest. The combination of programming elements with visual tools and logic that is very clear to me made me a fan of this package. To this day, with great pleasure and enthusiasm, I study and work at Houdini.

In the short / medium and long term, for myself, I determined the main areas of development in CG – VFX, Lighting, Shading (of course, if possible, improving the remaining areas).